zirrfa 3D8 mini cube diy kit for Arduino

zirrfa 3D8 mini cube diy kit  for Arduino
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Dear freind,the package contains tutorial links,if you have any question, please send a letter to contact us e-mail:airy@zirrfa.com,we will do our best to help you.

Best Wishes.

Buy this merchandise, we will provide free instructions, appropriate software and after-sales technical services.If you have any doubt, please feel free contact us,leave a message or send Email,we will give you a reply as soon as possible. Thank you  very  much!  

  • Parameter:
  • service voltage:5V
  • size:110*110mm
  • shipping list:
  • PCB main board *1
  • PCB deputy board *4
  • blue color ultra bright 3MM LED *540
  • 5MM colorful led breathing lights*4
  • USB power  line *1
  • Power jack*1
  • MCU *1(Note: The chip built-in 36 kinds of animation, the chip can not be erased and changed)
  • 40 p chip base *1
  •  lamp holders*64
  • 4p white jack*1

This kit no need another any parts, only need to follow the tutorial to install, it can work.

Function Description:

1.The chip built-in 36 kinds of animation, the chip can not be erased and changed

2.It contains the above 1 function,at the same time,but also for secondary development -Can compile your own animations by Development Board( Note: Development Board need to prepare yourself,  this package does not include,Please understand,thank you! )

without a development board it can work,Chip built-in animation and function Programming the development board, the cube can display animation data from the Arduino development board


1. Can compile your own animations by Development Board

2.Has led soldering template 

3.The chip built-in 36 kinds of animation, the chip can not be erased and changed

Scope of application:Study/Ads/Christmas Gift/Birthday gift Etc.

Assembly instructions:  

1.The instructions are sent via the network or email to you, you can download for free, please kind understand, thanks!

2.You only need follow the tutorial assembly,and ,do not need to prepare any other components,it will work -Display the 36 kinds of animation.


1.This kit for DIY, production need some electronic basis and welding ability
2.This has eight layer, each layer ie consists of 8 * 8 = 64 pcs LED ,total 512 LED.
No need to make LED solerd template,with it,led will become very neat,make more easily,figure.
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