New music Tesla Coil Wireless Transmission-Tesla Tesla coil plasma loudspeaker

New music Tesla Coil Wireless Transmission-Tesla Tesla coil plasma loudspeaker
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Package included:

1 x Tesla Coil  (with electrode needle)  
1 x Audio cable
1 x Power adapter
Power supply:DC24V 1800mA
Output frequency: 3MHz±5% 
Audio interface:3.5mm 


Input:AC 100-240v,1A,50-60HZ 

Small size, large power;
High efficiency, low energy consumption;
Clear sound, loud voice;
No grounding, plug and play,
All products can work continuously for a long time.

Please note: 
Matters needing attention!!!Please read before buying and using
----------Please install discharge electrode needle before power up.
!!! -Hands can not touch the electrode when working, will burn the skin.Do not use the conductor to touch the coil secondary, will pull arc damage coil.
!!! -Coil work will produce serious interference to the surrounding electronic products, please pay attention to environmental requirements and adapt to the crowd.
!!! -Do not use coil in flammable and explosive environment.
!!! The seller is not responsible for any loss other than the product itself.
Need attention:
1-- on the sound quality, this is not the amplifier sound, do not expect too high. Don't use too many adjectives to describe.
2-- on the sound source, the coil audio input impedance of 20 or more,Can be compatible with mobile phones, MP3 audio signalHowever, do not rule out the interference of the audio player can not work normally, suggest operation player disconnect coil power supply.
3-- About power,The power supply of this coil power is only the input power,Not capable ofOutput power detection. Will not use much “ W” do power definition
4-- on the return of goods, the store did not “ sold not to return ” as an additional condition, is responsible for the customer's consistent attitude, it is the respect for like-minded friends, but also hope that we respect each other.

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