5v 1W Mini Tesla Coil Arc

5v 1W Mini Tesla Coil Arc
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This product use the 5V power supply with 1 watts of power to make the tesla coil produces high frequency,
high voltage low current of arc spraying effect, can be easily lit fluorescent lamp, wireless transmission test.
Voltage: 5V
Power: 1W
Main material: teflon tube (currently dielectric loss minimum material), QA enameled wire, triode SS8050,
light-emitting diodes (leds), etc
Product size: 75*25mm in diameter
This product under normal working around 1 watts of power!Using 2600 mah mobile power supply in the case of a full charge,
can be used for more than 2 hours!
1. Super small volume, the everywhere can connect the USB port is 5v power supply.
2. Won't produce independent of air discharge arc, with a good conductor near the top can produce arc around 1 mm,
not because of electric shock injuries, very safe!
3. Advice when tesla coil work don't have to pull the tesla coil near the coil or hand,
because the hand as a good conductor will let the coil form good loop,
as for the tesla coil when current is bigger, the demonstration effect variation or not!Please pay attention!
Package Contents 
100% Brand New
1 x Tesla Coil board + 1pc stainless steel ball ( not include the power bank)

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